Omnicraft Oil Incentive Terms and Conditions

1. By accepting entrance to this promotion, all entrants are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions of which these entry instructions form part

2. The promotion commences on Wednesday 1st May 2024 and will end on Saturday 29th June 2024 or when 1,720 Barrels of Omnicraft Oil have been sold (the “promotional period”)

3. This promotion is only available to PartsPlus Customers with a PartsPlus Account and a valid email address, excluding Customers on discount code G, H and O

4. For every purchase of a 208 Ltr Barrel of Omnicraft Oil purchased, the Customer will receive a free 20Ltr Drum of Omnicraft Oil of their choice (subject to availability)

5. Only 208 Ltr Barrels of Omnicraft Oil are included on this promotion, with the full list of eligible specifications found in “Table 1”, all other 208 Ltr Barrels of Oil are excluded

6. The free Drum of 20 Ltr Omnicraft Oil that the Customer will receive for free, will be selected by the Customer, with the eligible specifications the same as those included in “Table 1”, all other 20 Ltr Drums of Oil are excluded

7. To receive the free 20 Ltr Drum of Omnicraft Oil, the Customer must select the specification they want to receive, at the point of sale and quote “20FREE” when placing the order with their local PartsPlus Centre

8. This promotion is included in the existing PartsPlus App Welcome Incentive where a Customer can earn a £10 Amazon Voucher for placing their first order on the App. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here:

9. The free 20 Ltr Drum of Omnicraft Oil, must be ordered at the same time as the 208 Ltr Barrel of Oil

10. There is no limit to the number of Omnicraft Barrels that an individual Customer can purchase to receive a free 20 Litre Drum of Oil

11. The free 20 Ltr Drum of Omnicraft Oil that the Customer selects, does not need to be the same specification as the Barrel of Omnicraft Oil they purchase

12. Customers may receive different Part Numbers for the specifications ordered, however, the product remains the same

13. If a Customer returns a 208 Ltr Barrel of Omnicraft Oil, during or after the promotion, they must also return the unopened 20 Ltr Drum of Omnicraft Oil received, if a Customer fails to return the 20 Ltr Drum of Oil, they will be re-charged the normal Trade Price for the 20 Ltr Oil Drum

14. This offer is subject to the availability of the promoted products. Any orders that have not been completed and invoiced and remain outstanding at the end of the promotion will be cancelled


15. The Customer award for purchasing a 208 Ltr Barrel of Omnicraft Oil is a free 20 Ltr Drum of Omnicraft Oil. Please note that no alternative award is available

16. In the event of any dispute, the decision of PartsPlus and Ford of Britain will be final in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard

17. The promoter reserves the right to disqualify any participating Customer[s] it believes not to be participating within the spirit of the promotion or suspects of participating in any unfair or unjust behaviour. The promoter reserves the right to use its discretion in all respects and to enforce any penalty or sanction it deems appropriate

18. The promoter reserves the right to alter, amend, withdraw or foreclose the promotion or these terms and conditions of entry at any time in whole or in part without prior notice or compensation

19. If there is a conflict in these terms and conditions to this promotion with any other terms whatsoever attached to any other advertising or marketing material in respect of this Promotion, these terms and conditions will apply

20. The promoter: PartsPlus, Ford Motor Company Limited. Registered in England: No.235446, Registered Office: Arterial Road, Laindon, Essex, SS15 6EE, England.

Eligible Omnicraft Specifications

Omnicraft 5W-30

Omnicraft 5W-30 C2

Omnicraft 5W-30 C3

Omnicraft 5W-30 C4

Omnicraft 5W-40

Omnicraft 5W-40 C3

Omnicraft 10W-40

Omnicraft 0W-30 C2







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